Your Identity. Easy to Steal. Hard to Get Back.

In today's information-driven society, your personal information is collected, used and shared in ways that you may not even be aware of. Often times, criminals take advantage of this, putting your personal information and in turn your identity at risk. Our program provides a suite of benefits that address the many ways criminals attempt to commit identity fraud. Some of the more common scenarios include:

Problem Solution Features
You've become a victim of identity theft and need to reclaim your identity and clear up the fraudulent charges. Full-Service Resolution A dedicated certified resolution specialist will contact creditors and 3rd parties on your behalf, inform police/legal authorities and handle the administrative tasks to help you resolve the crime.
A criminal has opened new credit accounts in your name, cloned or taken over your existing credit accounts. Credit Monitoring Subscription service that monitors your credit with all 3 credit reporting agencies for suspicious activity or changes to your credit file.
You've experienced identity theft and want to prevent (further) damage. 3 Bureau Notification & Fraud Alert A warning message is placed on your credit report requiring lenders and creditors to confirm your identity before issuing a new line of credit.
Your credit card, identification and other cards were lost or stolen. Wallet Protection Assistance replacing credit and debit cards, membership cards, identification cards/passports, etc.
While traveling in a foreign country, your wallet or other personal information has been stolen. Translation Assistance Assistance with speaking to local authorities so you can file a police report.
Your travel plans have been affected due to the loss of your wallet or other personal information while traveling. Emergency Travel Arrangements & Journey Continuation Assistance Assistance with making emergency travel arrangements, including airline, hotel and car rental reservations, if you experience identity theft while traveling.
A criminal used your identity to file for bankruptcy or during an arrest or redirected your mail to another address. Post-Incident Identity Monitoring Scans public records, 3rd party databases and internet sites to detect exposure of your personal information (SSN, credit card #s, etc.).
You have no money due to the loss of your wallet or other personal information while traveling. Emergency Cash Advance If you experience identity theft while traveling, you can receive an emergency cash advance (up to $500) to minimize the inconvenience caused by the crime.
You suspect fraudulent accounts may have been opened in your name. Real-time Credit Report Review Review of your TransUnion credit report with you to look for fraudulent activity. If so, we will dispute and have them removed from your credit report. This allows for faster detection and immediate action, helping to potentially prevent additional fraud.
A criminal has used your identity to obtain medical services resulting in inaccurate medical records, fraudulent medical bills and potential insurance fraud. Medical Identity Theft Resolution We will work with your healthcare providers and insurers to resolve the issues and make sure that your claims and medical records are corrected.

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$20.9 Billion
The amount identity thieves stole last year.

Source: Javelin Strategy & Research 2013 Identity Fraud Survey Report

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